Patancheru tops the list of Hyderabad’s most desirable places to live.

Patancheru, one of the famous locations in Sangareddy district, is now the talk of the town. This location has been all over the news for a few months for all the good reasons. After a series of development activities undertaken by the government and the rapid improvement of infrastructure, Patancheru has now become a sort of gold mine that is offering astonishing investment returns. The recent infrastructure development, MMTS connectivity, expansion of the IT corridor and improved connectivity with the main city made Patancheru a desirable haven for young home buyers. Incor, with a vision to offer ideal urban homes that not only hold great asset value, but also facilitate a peaceful and happy life, planned the prestigious project Lake City in this region.

Until recently, Sangareddy has been in the second position in the list of the regions that recorded the highest number of land sales. But in the past few months, there are indications that Sangareddy, where Patancheru is nestled, is going to occupy the No.1 position both with the number of sales and also the revenue generated for the government. There is no doubt that Patancheru is going to make it big in the near future.

In the past few months, many real estate companies have set their foot in Patancheru. As this area is close to the IT hub, outer ring road and also the way to the airport, the next generation people who are aspiring to own a house prefer Patancheru. Following their likes and dislikes, the realtors are trying hard to attract all the new home buyers. Incor Lake City has done extensive research on the preferences of the people who are likely to move to Patancheru. In our research, we found that people are looking for a balance of life through which they can perform well professionally and also have a happy family life. In that case, Lake City is just what you want. You can live by the serene lake side, wake up to the chirping birds, live close to your workplace and come back home to enjoy a laid-back life with your family.

The large land tracts that are present in Patancheru and the increasing demand for residential spaces have together made this area the most desired place to live. This is a great new place for people from all walks of life. There are international schools and reputed colleges in this area for your children to avail quality education. You can live close to your workplace and save commute time. And you have Incor Lake City that offers an exciting life by the lake

In addition to these benefits, Patancheru is located close to the IT corridor, Miyapur metro rail station, world-class educational institutions, lush green environment with thousands of trees, national institutes such as ICRISAT, industrial and tech parks, outer ring road and the national highway. Also, there are a number of supermarkets, stores and specialized services available in Patancheru. In short, there is no better place than Patancheru for those who are looking for a happy place to live while working in the city.